Using garage band to filter vuvuzelas from TV

14 Jun

In an earlier post we mentioned the possibilities to filter vuvuzelas during FIFA 2010 Worldcup via Logic Express 8. But there is a little problem with it since this software wants to be bought. You can get this software for about 40 US$ at Amazon, but there is a cheaper way if you own a mac.
Garage Band is delivered with newer Macintosh Computers for free and also can be used to filter the vuvuzela sounds from your TV Signal.

German blog Imrich has posted a free download for vuvuzela filters on Garage Band you can use for upcomming football matches. I am sorry to say i could not test that solution because i am working on windows.

All you have to do is to connect your line-in of your mac with the headphone-out of your TV and choose “Line-In (integrated)” as audiosource.

The author is this filter mentions not all of the noise can be filtered because of some instruments not beeing a perfect b flat, but i think this solution is a good start for free :) The FIFA Worldcup will take four more weeks, so i think more solutions will be found!


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